E-commerce in Venezuela grows thanks to cryptocurrencies


Electronic commerce is a trend that is increasing in Venezuela due to the limited availability of products and the long queues of people who form at the entrance of establishments in order to purchase basic goods, mainly.



For the co-founder of Dash Maracay and president of the Chamber of Industry of the State of Aragua, José Manuel Da Silva, there may be an “interesting” relationship between offering a virtual store in Venezuela and the use of Dash as a cryptocurrency to make transactions, which in his opinion is the “magic formula” to solve the economic problems in the country.


He recalled that one of the disadvantages for those who do the shopping at home is that they can not find in one place the goods they need, so they are forced to walk to find what they require and at a price that is accessible.


In this regard, José Manuel Da Silva stressed that the fact that there is a virtual store can be a way for people who are out – who need to help those who stayed in Venezuela – because they can buy the products in a simple way and help them, for example, to make purchases of edible items. That is where Dash would enter into action, since it is a financial tool that would allow Venezuelans of the diaspora power, or send money in an easy and much cheaper way, to acquire what their relatives need.



Da Silva made an approximate calculation in which it is estimated that more than 675,000 households in our country have at least one person living abroad and that they send remittances to the nation, while emphasizing that the use of Dash as a cryptocurrency helps to protect the bolívar before its rapid depreciation and even in some cases, workers could give them bonuses with this economic mechanism.



He also mentioned that in his business, tupanacharcutero.com, figures of who his consumers are handled where 75% use credit cards; 58% transfers and 44% in the paid market, so Dash can also be a good option to buy.


Although Da Silva said that if they are calculated for every 100 clients, six are those who use the virtual store, 2% purchase with the cryptocurrency, versus the 54% that would be through bank transfers. In this sense, it aspires to be able to become in the medium term to 56% of payments through Dash because of how fast and easy it is to operate.



On the other hand the founder of Dash Venezuela, Eugenia Alcalá, assured that the current conditions of our country are a perfect opportunity for the use of this cryptocurrency because as the purchasing power of the citizens has diminished considerably “and it seems that something does not come to the short term to strengthen “the economy, it is necessary to have a tool that allows the safekeeping of money.


Likewise, Alcalá stressed that the mechanisms to safeguard investment, such as PayPal, have become more complicated for Venezuelans to obtain them because they are increasingly using the mechanisms they use to become users. He stressed that before this difficulty, many businesses have assumed Dash as a form of payment to carry out retail in establishments with which are more than 1,000 entrepreneurs who bet on its use for transactions.


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