Elevated Returns Closes $18M Tokenized Asset Offering of the St. Regis Aspen Report

Company also announces expansion into Southeast Asia via the acquisition of a Thai broker-dealer designed to spur distribution and origination of its real estate tokenization methodology.  Aspen Digital represents a landmark completed tokenized real estate offering, serving as the blueprint for future deals in the Security Token Space

New York, NY – October 9, 2018 – Elevated Returns – an asset management company with an established track record of extracting alpha value out of its investments spanning real estate hospitality and consumer brands – today announced the $18M closing of Aspen Digital Inc, a tokenized real estate offering providing investors exposure to the St. Regis Aspen Resort. The Company also announced its bid to acquire 24.9% of a Bangkok-based Seamico Securities as part of its expansion plan in South East Asia.



Aspen Digital is among the first of its kind to successfully tokenize a trophy real estate asset. The St. Regis Aspen is an internationally-recognized resort consisting of a 179-room luxury hotel with four onsite food and beverage outlets, and 29,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor conference and banquet venues with views of the Rocky Mountains.


The successful offering was made available directly through Templum Markets LLC, a FINRA and SEC-registered operator, for the initial offering and secondary trading of digital assets as securities through its Alternative Trading System (ATS). Templum Markets and its parent company, Templum Inc., are focused on the development of new market infrastructure for digital assets. Indiegogo listed the offering on its platform to provide access to its network of investors, as well as leverage its community and 11-year pedigree in the crowdfunding arena.


While there is an undeniable trend of assets migrating to the blockchain and a need for cryptocurrencies to be backed by collateral of some sort, these are truly the early days for the industry, which is why it is critical for offering sponsors like Elevated Returns to assemble the necessary components to be successful,” said Stephane De Baets, President of Elevated Returns. “This emphasis on building an effective ecosystem led us to acquire a South Asian broker-dealer with wide distribution capability, one that is able to operate in Thailand, a nation that has come forward with highly-developed crypto regulation guidelines.”





Founded in 1974, Seamico Securities (BKK: ZMICO) provides securities brokerage, securities and derivatives trading, investment advisory service, securities underwriting, online securities trading, and securities borrowing and lending. The acquisition will enable Elevated Returns to tap into Asian-based institutional money looking for digital asset exposure through Seamico’s fully-owned subsidiary, Innotech Asset Management. Seamico possesses an unparalleled position in the South Asian capital markets, utilizing a full set of securities licenses that will enable Elevated Returns to grow exponentially over the next few months.


The Aspen Digital closing not only represents a new coin on the market that is asset-backed, it also establishes a blueprint for future real estate tokenization,” said Jason Kirschenbaum, Director at Elevated Returns. “The future of real estate investing is one that provides global exposure, transparency, public access and liquidity, all of which are elements that can be delivered through blockchain technology.”


Stephane De Baets concluded,

The knowledge that Elevated Returns has acquired through this private placement is invaluable to our firm and its partners, as it gives us a clear vision for what a fully-integrated international platform should look like as we progress forward as pioneers in this space.”



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