EOT Price Outlook – Can new EOT Wallet / Exchange put a fire under the EOT Price?

After languishing for a few months, new developments might be the catalyst to start a rise in the EOT price.



EOT Wallet / Exchange


Launched a mere 10 days ago, EOT Wallet / Exchange has kicked of with a number of listings and has been expanding services since day one.


Close to 15,000 EOT Wallet users gave the Exchange a quick start and currently, the following coins are listed on the EOT Exchange.


EOT Wallet / Exchange Review


Cryptocurrencies Listed on EOT Wallet / Exchange:


  1. EOT Coin  [ EOT ]
  2. Bitcoin [ BTC ]
  3. Bitcoin Cash [ BCH ]
  4. Litecoin [ LTC ]
  5. Zcash [ ZEC ]
  6. Doge Coin [ DOGE ]
  7. Dash Coin [ Dash ]
  8. Blackcoin [ BLK ]
  9. Feathercoin [ FTC ]
  10. Emercoin [ EMC ]
  11. Vertcoin [ VRT ]
  12. DigiByte [ DGB ]
  13. Verge [ XVG ]
  14. Qtum [ QTUM ]


This is an impressive list for an exchange that is brand new and the aggressive expansion looks set to continue. Marketing has been aggressive with non-stop giveaways and promotions so the crypto community.



What does this mean for the EOT Price?


The listing of new EOT trading pairs as well as the fast adoption of the EOT Wallets can only bode well for the EOT price that is coming off a very low base.

It is very hard to predict a target price but recent developments coupled with a new bull market in cryptocurrencies could see EOT Hodler’s smile all the way to the Crypto Bank.

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EOT Wallet /Exchange Review



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