How $25k in Free Crypto creates adoption for EOT


One of the most popular strategies that new coins use to create more exposure is to give away free crypto. EOT Coin has taken this concept to a new level giving away more than 16 Million EOT coins [value at the time of writing this approx. $25k].  Who knows what the value of this could be should prices start to rise…


More than 13 000 New Wallets registered on EOT Wallet

The EOT giveaway strategy seems to be working well for as the site signed up 13 000 new users in the last 2 months and is growing strongly.

Because of this success, it was announced that the rate of the giveaway will be increased even more.




How to get in on the action

So how do you get your piece of the EOT free crypto action?


Here are a few ways:


Claim from an EOT Faucet – This Faucet pays every 5 mins and has a 25% referral commission if you refer others to the faucet. – This Faucet pays every 10 mins and has a whopping 50% referral commission.

Both of these faucets also have a random 10k Jackpot

Referrals are a great way to earn more income and some crypto enthusiasts even do blog posts and make videos to earn more from their faucet referrals.




Another great way to get free crypto is to participate in an Airdrop. In this case, you earn free crypto by executing a few simple tasks.

Join an Airdrop



Free Bit-Bandit Credits

At Bit-Bandit you can win free credits every day…

Prizes as follows.

3 Top Players will win 1000 BTC Credits each

1 Lucky Draw Player will win 5000 BTC Credits


Latest winners here

So giving away Free Crypto is a win-win for all and who knows what that $25k of free EOT will be worth in future.

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