How Community Crypto can be the Biggest Wealth Creation ever –  BEZY use case


Cryptocurrency can literally transform communities and take them from unbanked to empowerment by providing access to economic participation.  



This is the premise of BEZY coin, a new cryptocurrency made for the community and painting the vision of economic empowerment.


What makes BEZY different to other coins?


The BIG idea of BEZY is that if communities are empowered with the right tools, then they have the power to create their own economy. BEZY provides the currency of payment as well as the tools to make this economy possible and to make this all work, BEZY  has created the largest crypto giveaway in history.




The Great BEZY Giveaway

BEZY is an open source community owned cryptocurrency, completely decentralised, owned by no-one and participation is open to anyone. The code is published on Github – See it here and anyone can download and use it.

The biggest difference with any other coin though is that BEZY has a pre-mine of 100 Million coins, what that means is that 100 Million BEZY was created within the code and what makes it really different is that 100% of the pre-mine, all of the 100 Million BEZY are going to be given away to the public, creating a massive BEZY community all empowered with 100 Million free BEZY coins as well as the tools to transfer these coins others. BEZY is a fully functional cryptocurrency and all transactions between participants are verified with the BEZY blockchain.  View the BEZY Blockchain explorer here.





How to collect free BEZY

Anyone can collect free BEZY by joining the BEZY Airdrop or collecting from the BEZY Faucet. It is even possible for someone to create an affiliate business by becoming a BEZY Faucet affiliate.

Not only is all of this extremely empowering but it is entirely free.



Mining BEZY

The blockchain uses the scrypt mining algorithm which is tried and tested by many coins and a true proof of work algorithm [example: Litecoin]

Mining is done by independent blockchain miners who earn block rewards for mining new blocks and thus approving transactions.

This makes the blockchain truly public and independent of any control, unlike many blockchains today that is controlled by companies, groups or individuals.



Block Time and Reward

The BEZY Blockchain is extremely fast with a new block being mind every 90 seconds.

The block reward is 100 coins and this is earned by the miner who discovers / mines the next block.

For more information, read the BEZY white paper here.



BEZY Hodl Program

What makes BEZY even more interesting is that after you have accumulated some, you hold BEZY in the Hodl Program to earn passive daily income.

More information on the Hodl program



How to get a BEZY Wallet and How to buy, sell and trade BEZY

You need a crypto wallet for your BEZY and you can get a free wallet at Bank-Ezy. With this wallet you can deposit, withdraw and send BEZY to other users.

For buying, selling and trading BEZY you can use the Bank-Ezy Exchange where BEZY is conveniently listed.





The BEZY Outreach Program

A story recently  circulated on Reddit , where a Venezuelan user thanked the crypto community for the donation of 0.5 NANO—only about $1.80, but “almost one entire monthly salary” in the malnourished country.

As is customary on Reddit, the donations snowballed, and the user soon replied with grateful photos of 102 kilograms of food, purchased with crypto donations.

These and other stories show how crypto donations can change the lives of ordinary people in difficult circumstances. As BEZY is a community project, it is natural that BEZY would contribute to these causes.

If you are a community leader interested in empowering your community with a cryptocurrency then talk to BEZY here.



A Bold Vision for Empowerment

BEZY  Coin [ Bank-Ezy Coin ] is a coin created to bring seamless and private crypto banking to everyone.

Ever since Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi, it has been seen as a the promise of liberation of the masses from the enslavement of the banking system. Until now however this promise has not been fulfilled and although cryptocurrencies and its ecosystem has made massive strides to empower the individual, it has struggled lately with scaling issues and raising fees. Furthermore, blockchain is trying to go “mainstream” and lots of companies are “selling” out the dream of individual indepence and are becoming co-enslavers in the system. So where is the crypto bank for the masses?

Bank-Ezy plans to change all of this. A real crypto bank for the masses, bringing seamless and private crypto banking to everyone. Borderless, peer-2-peer banking and trading for everyone. Now anyone with a connected device can be his or her own bank.

As you can see from the article above, BEZY has a bold vision to empower communities everywhere by stimulating a crypto economy.  Keep connected by joining the mailing list – Click here.



So why not take part?

It’s free and all you have to do is to start



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