Paymium launches ICO public sale for BLOCKCHAIN.IO with 20M€ (~23M$) hardcap a leading European crypto-exchange for ready-to-trade investors


Paymium, the renowned BTC-EUR Exchange, is launching a crowd sale for, the new leading European cryptocurrency exchange. The sale will be active from September 27th to October 25th, with an exceptional 25% bonus on its opening day. aims to become the most reliable crypto-assets marketplace in Europe, where crypto-currencies and tokens will be traded safely among institutional and individual investors


After successfully propelling its MVP version and completing its private sale, will be fully functional by November – immediately after the ICO’s end – with three prime features: a trading platform, a listing of handpicked tokens, as well as liquidity services for third-party ICOs.


Accordingly, major coins (BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, LTC) will be available upon the platform’s launch, with more altcoins and tokens to follow. ICO tokens will be listed on the trading platform only after a thorough audit and compliance review to ensure maximum liquidity, swiftness, and safety for the users.




A platform designed to fulfill the needs of all crypto-enthusiasts

The interface has been designed to specifically address the needs of both newcomers and experienced traders, be it in terms of liquidity, or safety: has benefited from Paymium’s established history as a hack-free Exchange since 2013, and built strong ties with the French legal entities to help advance the up and coming EU regulations. KYC and AML procedures meet European banking standards.

The platform uses the most advanced cryptographic protocols so as to provide the best of centralized trading with decentralized, non-custodial settlement. Investors wishing to exchange the largest volumes quickly will enjoy the centralized protocols while traders eager to eliminate all third party will use the “trustless” cross-chain atomic swaps.


BCIO: a proprietary token for a privileged trading experience

BCIO is a proprietary token that will yield numerous advantages for its loyal user base. It will grant them special discounts on the platform, as well as survey participation rights for new coins & token-listings, technological roadmaps or even token buybacks. BCIO investors will also enjoy free transfers between Paymium and A peer-to-peer lending service will be introduced, stemming from’s central inventory as well as external structures.



Public sale terms:

  • Day 1 — September 27, 6:00 am UTC — Token sale opens with 25% bonus 
  • Week 1 — September 28, 6:00 am UTC — Bonus decreases to 15% 
  • Week 2 — October 4, 6:00 am UTC — Bonus decreases to 10% 
  • Week 3 — October 11, 6:00 am UTC — Bonus decreases to 5% 
  • Week 4 — October 18, 6:00 am UTC — No bonus

For whitelisted users, an additional 5% bonus will be granted on Day 1.

The Token Sale will end on October 25, 6:00 am UTC or once our hardcap has been reached.

To access the token sale:



About Paymium:

Founded in 2011, Paymium is the first European platform in full compliance with European regulations for buying and exchanging bitcoins for euros. With 98% of coins kept in cold storage since 2013, Paymium allows customers to keep their bitcoins safe as well as trade them and transfer them to other wallets. In 2015, Paymium raised two million euros with Xavier Niel’s investment fund (KIMA Ventures), Newfund, Galitt, BPI France and a group of angel investors to support its development in Europe and strengthen its investments in R&D.  To date, Paymium has earned the trust of over 175,000 registered customers.



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