PLAAS: Simple and Revolutionary way for managing Farm data and access to Markets on the Blockchain

Gaborone, Botswana: 29 October 2018 – PLAAS is launching a platform that enables farmers to accurately record important farm data and get access to direct market. Backed by years of study of African farmer needs, the PLAAS platform is expected to play an important role in revamping farm outputs and increasing returns to farmers.




PLAAS is a mobile and wallet application that enables farmers and cooperatives to manage their daily farm production and stocks on the blockchain. Blockchain is used for data monitoring. It offers the farmers an opportunity to capture data, thus, helping in deriving a more efficient plan regarding their produce and the profit margins of the farmers.




Furthermore, PLAAS also uses wireless senses in the fields to capture the growth of crops, harvesting processes and the yields and then using blockchain to record data. PLAAS key focus is therefore on three main elements:

  • Ability to capture important animal and plant data such as: real time growth, yields, breeds, ancestry, feeding types,  
  • Recording this information in an accurate manner that is  not prone to manipulation
  • Using this data on the marketplace to enable sellers make informed and accurate buying decisions while giving farmers high credibility.


Farmers will get information about improving crops and animal yields



The PLAAS platform will also have a token enabling easier and cheap method of making payment between sellers and buyers. Furthermore,  farmers will be able to get grants in order to improve their farming. PLAAS is already establishing partnerships with various farmers unions, cooperatives and government agencies in order to begin project pilot. The project is expected to begin in Botswana before spreading to other countries in Africa.


PLAAS is conducting an Initial Coin offering (ICO) in order to get funds to roll out the project.


The prototype is already available


The private sale begins on 1 December 2018 t0 31 December 2018. Investors who want to take part in the private sale can do so by registering in this page:


The main ICO is scheduled to begin on 1 January 2019- 1 February 2019.



Plaasio which was founded in 2017 in Gaborone Botswana in partnership under Satoshicentre Group. The name PLAAS was picked to differentiate between Plaasio the company and PLAAS the token.



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