Sweetbridge and the Institute of Decentralized Economics Launch New Stablecoin Protocols Working Paper


Paper is first in a two-part series set to be released by institute, outlining  theories underpinning key stablecoin protocols


Phoenix, Arizona – 16th October, 2018 – Sweetbridge Inc., the global blockchain alliance developing protocols to enable frictionless commerce and interest-free financing for individuals, businesses, and enterprises, and the Institute of Decentralized Economics (IDE), a research body dedicated to the study and understanding of crypto and blockchain-based economics systems, have announced the launch of a new working paper on stablecoins.  Entitled “Stablecoin Protocols”, it explores the theories underpinning a number of prominent stablecoin protocols and divides stablecoin providers into three distinct groups, and outlines their offering differentiators.


The working paper is the IDE’s first step in addressing the Global Challenges identified by the organisation. These challenges represent the single biggest problem areas faced by crypto-economic systems today, which must be resolved before mainstream adoption of blockchain and crypto technologies can be achieved. The “Stablecoin Protocols” working paper is focused on the first of these Global Challenges – Rethinking stable coin systems and design – and is moderated by Warren Weber, PhD, former Senior Research Officer at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. The IDE welcomes future submissions to its blog and working paper series.



Speaking about the paper, Warren Weber said:

Currently, there are a number of stablecoin projects in existence and a variety of approaches are being taken to achieve the object. Each approach has its unique advantages and disadvantages, but in order to evolve the concept, it is essential to bring economic reasoning and historical experience to  these systems to determine if they can be improved upon on an ongoing basis. This paper represents a first step in working towards this objective.”


Scott Nelson, CEO & Chairman, Sweetbridge, said:

Given the volatility we’ve seen in crypto markets over the past year, stablecoins that can maintain their value against a fiat currency or a basket of currencies are a critical tool for proper portfolio and treasury management. Still, the quest for a stablecoin that can maintain such a peg in a sustainable and scalable fashion continues. Sweetbridge sees the true potential utility of a price-stable coin not in crypto trading but in real-world commerce. the market for which completely dwarfs the size of any crypto market. Our vision is represented by Bridgecoin (BRC), a stablecoin backed by a diverse range of assets to further enhance stability.

Presenting the main facts and details of the major stablecoin protocols,  the first IDE working paper is an important piece of research that will prompt questions about the future of this technology. In conjunction with continued technological development and the implementation of the appropriate regulatory frameworks, this brings us closer than ever to a true breakthrough application in this sector.”



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