What Are The Best Upcoming Cryptocurrency ICOs?

ICO refers to Initial Coin Offering, which is the process of selling a cryptocurrency (token) in exchange for funding from investors. In past years, ICO has proven to be a reliable and easy way to raise funds for startups and new projects in the blockchain space.


However, in recent years, the popularity of ICOs and user interest in them have diminished greatly, thanks to the increasing number of fraudulent ICO projects. So, now the question everyone seems to be asking is, whether ICOs have a future?

If you ask me, the answer would be yes. ICOs may be losing their touch, but they are far from being dead. In fact, ICOs are improving with each day and will continue to remain as a major way for crypto startups to raise funds for their futuristic projects.


What makes an ICO good


As I said, ICOs are improving with time. Today, if you wish to make a good profit from your ICO investment or don’t want to lose the invested money, you need to be very careful while choosing a project to invest in. Keeping the following points in mind might help:

  • Do your diligence – research well about a project before investing in it
  • Get to know the team and the people behind a project. Are they trustworthy?
  • Invest in the technology, and not just another cryptocurrency
  • Avoid investing what you don’t have. Crypto is a very volatile market, and you won’t want to lose more money than you have.



Top Cryptocurrencies (ICOs) to invest in 2019 & Beyond


Here are the top 10 ICO-backed cryptocurrencies that you can consider for your next investment.



PBET is a crypto-based omnichannel gaming platform that aims to unite physical casinos and players around the world to play and profit in a more interactive manner. This is a perfect option for physical casinos looking to make their start in the world of online gaming. The PBET gaming platform integrates in-premise/physical casinos with online gaming such that users can enjoy the benefits and convenience of online gaming at physical casinos. Cryptocurrencies provide an easy and secure way of making payments.

The ICO sale is held in Aug-Sep 2019.


2. Pieta.Network

Pieta.network is a cloud mining platform that aims to enable users to mine top cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH at half the current price. Pieta will be using solar-based electricity for powering its mining operations, thereby reducing the input cost and increasing productivity. However, the primary aim of the project is to save the environment by reducing the carbon print of the crypto mining process.

Pieta’s unique mining system will reduce the cost of electricity for mining by up to 50%. The ICO sale of tokens is live now and the sale of mining contracts will start by the end of September 2019.


3. FidelityHouse

FidelityHouse is an Ethereum-based social content network that lets users monetize from their unique and innovative content in a transparent and fair manner. Users get the freedom to write and share the content of their interest and get paid on views.


4. Membrana.io

Membrana is an investment-based crypto project, which aims to make the investment and trading of digital assets more secure and profitable through a blockchain platform which enables traders and users to connect and transact directly with each other. It makes use of smart contracts to validate and process each transaction. There are no middlemen, so the traders get to keep all their profits. Basically, it provides investors and traders with a middleman-free and secure platform to connect and trade in a few easy steps.

The Beta version of the Membrana Platform is already live.



5. ElonCity

ElonCity is a blockchain project which promotes the production and use of renewable energy by enabling locals to generate their own solar power through distributed microgrids. The solar power generated by individuals can be used for personal use or can be exchanged for ECT tokens.

ElonCity will use blockchain for creating a decentralized, distributed power infrastructure of self-sufficient microgrids. This will help introduce transparency in energy prices and make clean energy available to individuals all over the world.


6. Prime Talent Chain (PTC)

PTC is a blockchain project which aims to revolutionize the way recruitments are made through the use of AI and blockchain. The project will decentralize the staffing industry and simplify the recruitment process by removing intermediaries. It will create an open and transparent ecosystem where hiring managers can connect directly with the talent pool over a secure blockchain network. The use of AI, Machine Learning and other advanced technologies with ensure that recruitments are faster and more cost-effective.


7. Fetch.AI

Projects that are making use of blockchain in association with other advanced technologies like AI and Machine Learning are most likely to succeed in the long term. It is a smart ledger project which will create the world’s first intelligent and self-adaptive smart contract with the aim of achieving scalability in blockchain ledgers.

FET token of Fetch.ai will be launched on the popular Binance platform, and the ICO sale was held in February 2019.


8. Viaz

Viaz is a blockchain-based platform for lending and borrowing, which will enable people to conveniently and securely lend or borrow both fiat and digital currencies. It aims to eliminate the cost, efficiency and security issues of the traditional banking system with its first-of-its-kind, omnipresent digital funding platform. Viaz will be the first DApp built on Tezos blockchain. The company has partnered with fiat bank to provide users with access to multiple funding options.

The ICO sale of Viaz, which started in March this year, is expected to end on September 2019.




So, here’s the list of your best options for investment in an ICO in 2019. The crypto market is full of risks, and ICOs are just the front desk to that high-potential industry. It’s on you whether you wish to enter or not. If you do, make sure not to do anything impulsive. Of course, you’ll make mistakes and might even fail, but if you trust your instincts and support only the right projects, the future is going to be yours to rule.


Your success and profit in the ICO industry will depend largely on how well you make the selection based on the strength and integrity of a project. So, choose wisely.



About the Author – Amit Gupta is the CEO and founder at SAG IPL, an India-based technology firm providing a range of service/software solutions in the web development, design, app development, and SEO industries.



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