Emercoin is, like Bitcoin built on a blockchain but with the addition of adding secure, distributed blockchain business services.


The Emercoin team and the broader developer community has maintained and developed services for the public Emercoin Blockchain, which uses the Emercoin cryptocurrency (EMC) to perform a variety of services.  Emercoin is a completely unique blockchain that provides its users with the ability to code programs and develop app suites on top of the distributed ledger technology.


Services available on the EMC Blockchain


Are you afraid your website could be suspended by authorities?

As they state on the Emercoin website: With “the screws tightening” around the world, your fears might well be justified.


EmerDNS is the way out…


What is EmerDNS


  • Because it is completely decentralized, EmerDNS is safe from any kind of censorship.
  • Only the record creator can change content created by the creator.
  • No other user can modify your record
  • EmerDNS is a decentralized domain name system supporting the full range of DNS records.

Thanks to Emercoin’s secure and distributed blockchain, domain name records are completely decentralized and uncensorable. They cannot be altered, revoked, or suspended by any authority or any other third party. Read more here



In addition to DNS Services, EMC blockchain services also offer:


  • EmerSSH
  • EmerSSL
  • EmerDPO
  • EmerLNX
  • EmerMAGNET
  • EmerNVS


Read all about it on the Emercoin Website



A number of companies are already using the EMC Technology – Here is a list of EMC Partners




Join the EMC Social Communities to learn more about the project.


Should you want to get started with EMC, you will need a Wallet and you will need to purchase EMC.


You can trade Emercoin here



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