What is Vertcoin?

What is Vertcoin – VRT is a peer-2-peer cryptocurrency focused on decentralization.



Vertcoin is a cryptocurrency like EOT, Bitcoin and Litecoin with an added focus on keeping the ecosystem as decentralized as possible.


The short video below gives a nice explanation of Vertcoin



When and Why was Vertcoin created?


Vertcoin was created in 2014 with the intention of being easily mined by the masses.


ASICs have taken over Bitcoin/Litecoin, centralising profitability and governance to ASIC manufacturers.


Vertcoin remains resistant to ASICs through regularly changing it’s adaptive mining algorithm as ASICs cannot adapt to change.  


The People’s Coin

Vertcoin developers are proud of what they achieved as a community, without a pre-mine or ICO, Vertcoin has been developed by a volunteer group of community developers.

Vertcoin has strong communities on Discord, Twitter and other Social Media.

Join the Vertcoin community here.




Mining Vertcoin

One of the features of Vertcoin is that it is promoted as a coin mineable by the masses.

Mining Explained Article

Because Vertcoin is dedicated to keeping mining accessible to everyone, all you need to get started is an ordinary desktop computer with a modern graphics card (GPU).

Anyone can start with  One-Click Miner.

The Vertcoin One-Click Miner is by far the easiest way to get started. It’s a user-friendly piece of (Windows only) software that allows you to start mining with a few easy steps.

This makes it easy for anyone to start.


Download One-Click Miner and follow this guide for setting it up.



Dedicated Mining Hardware

If you want to be a serious miner you should consider investing in dedicated mining hardware.


There are plenty of guides on how to build a dedicated mining rig on the internet and  if you’re capable of assembling a normal desktop computer, you should be able to assemble a mining rig with the help of a Google search



The video below is a useful guide:


Vertcoin is a very interesting coin for those interested in earning from mining cryptocurrency.


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