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The world economy is in a difficult time and in this market it is not only the survival of the fittest but also the most adaptable.


What if we can show you a step-by-step plan to increase your revenue and sales exponentially in the next 3 to 6 months?

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To really understand how we can dominate we need to understand what our customers want. Currently, there are 2 megatrends that influence how customers behave.




People want experiences!

Buying patterns have moved significantly in the last few years and we all know that people now want to buy experiences and not things.

The most important thing a business can do is to enhance the customer experience i.e working on the quality of the product or service.


When people have a great experience they want to share it thus bringing us to the next megatrend



“The most valuable asset in 2019 is Attention” and at the moment and for the foreseeable future attention is on mobile phones and social media. However, the competition for customer attention is fierce and the usual strategy of regular posting on social media is not going to work and actually just a waste of productive time.

Winners in the market are those who are able to employ resources to grab attention, hold attention, engage with the customer and in the process create a return on investment on the resources employed.

Unfortunately for businesses this statement by the marketing legend, Dan Kennedy is true: “ Whoever spends the most on marketing wins”,

Fortunately there is a way with the technology we have today to create a system where marketing can be done in such a way where a direct ROI [ Return on Investment ] can be earned with our marketing efforts thus making it possible to “outspend” our competition with strategies that bring immediate revenue thus enabling one to dominate the competition.

The secret lies in building an integrated marketing funnel that cuts down the cost of customer acquisition increases the revenue per customer and exponentially increases net profit.

In short. If for every $1.00 we put into the funnel, we can get $2.00 out, there is really no limit on how much we can spend and it is obvious that we will dominate the marketplace.


How do we do this?


Introducing DOMINATION

Eight Weeks to Market Domination


What would it be worth to you, if, in 8 short weeks, you can absolutely dominate your local market and increase revenue by 5 to 10 times?

Our Digital Marketing Agency has extensive experience in this area and we have set out an Eight Week step-by-step program to help any business to achieve market dominance.



Week 1 to 5 – Market Dominance Objective 1 – Positive ROI on Marketing

Week 1 – Measurement

The first week in the process is one of analysis. Our team will provide you with a number of worksheets and tools to audit and measure your current situation.  At the end of this process, you will know your current cost of customer acquisition, your current ROI on advertising, social media and other marketing activities.  You will also have a clear understanding of your current positioning and what changes if any might be needed.



Week 2 – Positioning

In this week we will look at how you position your business to enhance the customer experience to take advantage of mega-trend 1, as identified earlier. We will show you how to create or change your online presence, social media pages and anything else you might need to create an overall experience for the customer.



Week 3 – Creating a Compelling Offer

This is the most important step after creating a quality product/customer experience. We need to tell the customer, why they need to visit you / buy from you and in this module, we will show you how to create the most compelling offer. In the words of the Godfather “ I will make him an offer he can’t refuse “.


Russel Brunson explains this concept further…





So, this week we will teach you how to create the right offer for your business.



Week 4 – Build an Integrated Marketing Funnel

This step is extremely important, if our funnel is built correctly, it would enhance our return per customer and thus make our marketing profitable. We will show you how to build your funnel by creating an initial offer and then adding more value offers to the process thus creating enhanced revenue per customer.  



Week 5 – Social Media Advertising / Retargeting

In this module, we will teach you step by step how to find and advertise to the best audience for your business. We will also show you how to add a “retargeting pixel” to your advertisements thus enabling you to send your offer to the same prospects again. It has been shown that customers, on average, make a purchase on the 5th interaction with a business.

With the right audience selection sending targeted traffic to our integrated marketing funnel, we will now have achieved the first objective of market domination. Our advertising will be profitable. Our goal here is to get more money out of the funnel than we putting in, thus creating a positive Return on Investment



Week 6 – Market Dominance Objective 2: – Revenue Enhancement 

Funnel Stacking

Now that we have a profitable funnel, we will be looking to enhance our revenue by adding more funnels to our system. This is a process called “funnel stacking” and is an incredibly lucrative endeavour once the initial funnel is built. We will be looking at how you can add more revenue streams with this process integrating all your products and services.



Week 7 / 8 – Total Domination 

Week 7 – Creating a Tribe

We now move towards total domination of our local market by creating a “tribe” of loyal customers that in essence become a word-of-mouth marketing funnel of their own. We will show you the tools and systems you can use to build a “tribe” and thus totally outmaneuver your competition.



Week 8 – Optimization, Digging the Moat

Now that we have achieved domination, we want to entrench our position by “Digging a Moat”. We will give you the tools to measure your progress and then you will go back through the process from Step 1 to constantly entrench and improve your position.

As you can see if you follow this process closely, it is not only possible to increase revenue significantly, survive the “Tourist Winter” but also to really dominate your local market.


So what will this cost you…


As you can see this program offers tremendous value and we will outline below what else you will get with this as a Bonus.



You receive our Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

“ If for any reason in the next 30 days, you decide that you want your money back, we will refund you in full. No questions asked.”


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Bonus 1: Social Media Exposure

We currently have social media pages with active followers in excess of 100 000. When you sign up for the program, we will for the next 8 weeks, promote your business on our social media pages free of charge.

Value:  $ 200 per week, Total $ 1 600

Bonus 2: Domination Mastermind

As a member of the Domination program, you will get access to our Domination Mastermind. This is a secret Facebook Group of like-minded business owners who exchange marketing and information ideas.

Value:  $ 1 500

Bonus 3: Funnel Templates

We have a list of pre-built Funnel templates that are readily adaptable to the business that you get as a Free Bonus.

Value:  $ 399.00



As you can see, the value of the bonus alone is $3000. The program is an absolute steal at $497 of 8 weeks of content that could change your life!


Besides that, you have zero risks as you have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


Ask yourself this, is it worth waiting any longer if you could dominate your market in the next 8 weeks?


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