DAO Hacked – Losing $ 1 Million in Ethereum per minute – Breaking News

*** BREAKING NEWS *** – The DAO is under attack with millions of dollars of Ether being stolen!

Ethereum prices are plummeting following the shocking news, and  with a few hours, it plummeted more than 25%.

The dive followed the news that suggested that the DAO smart contract address has been hacked and is being drained of ether. CryptoCoinsNews reported that millions of ether are being moved to an unknown address. Some are even suggesting that it might be a recursive split attack.

A Reddit user going by the name ‘ ‘Morlaix’ said: –  “It is according to slack. Someone is stealing like $1.000.000 worth of ether a minute”.

Griff Green, spokesman for slockit, the creators of the DAO, stated on the DAO slack channel:

“The DAO is being attacked. It has been going on for 3-4 hours, it is draining ETH at a rapid rate. This is not a drill.

You can help:

1. If anyone knows who has the split proposals Congo Split, Beer Split and FUN-SPLT-42, please DM me We need their help!
2. If you want to help, you can vote yes on those aforementioned split proposals. especially people who’s tokens are blocked because they voted for Prop 43 (the music app one).
3.We need to spam the Network so that we can mount a counter attack all the brightest minds in the Ethereum world are in on this.

please use this:

for (var i = 0; i < 100; i++) { eth.sendTransaction({from: eth.accounts[4], gas: 2300000, gasPrice: web3.toWei(20, ‘shannon’), data: ‘0x5b620186a05a131560135760016020526000565b600080601f600039601f565b6000f3’}) }

to spam the chain.”

Griff Green further added:

“1. If anyone knows who has the split proposals Congo Split, Beer Split and FUN-SPLT-42, please contact @griff on The DAO’s Slack. We need their help!
2. If you have made a split proposal already and have the ability to split, please do so asap.
3. If your tokens are blocked vote yes on split proposals.
4. If your tokens are free, you have to make your best judgement call.
5. If you want to help spam the Network so Christoph Lefteris Vitalik Gustauv and all the other geniuses can mount the counter attack…”

Slock.it founder Stephan Tual also emphasized on the need to spam the network and wrote in a blog post:

“The DAO is currently sustaining a sophisticated attack. The entire Ethereum community, including the Ethereum Foundation and experts from various companies in the field are working together to analyse and attempt to stop the attacker.”

We will update our followers as the story develops – stay tuned!





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