Suspicious Bithumb hack connected to Bitblender Dark Web Service


June 20, 2018 – Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT): Attorney Jonathan Levy predicts the $32 million in cryptocurrency reported hacked from Bithumb Exchange was laundered through boasts it is the “#1 Bitcoin Mixer on the Darknet.” Bitblender claims to use smart technology to erase Bitcoin history and make transactions 100% anonymous in effect laundering Bitcoins.  It is even possible as some allege that the hack was an inside job by Bithumb to generate funds or to avoid taxes. The funds, therefore, were likely recycled through Bitblender so their origins were obscured and then redeposited at Bithumb as a new cash infusion.


The Crypto Currency Resolution Trust has filed a lawsuit against the Bitcoin Blender Organization or Bitblender for short, an illegal currency exchange which purports to erase all traces of the blockchain from a stolen Bitcoin.  The lawsuit has been lodged with the Supreme Court of the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) which the Trust asserts has jurisdiction over the .io domain. Levy who is the lawyer for The Cryptocurrency Resolution Trust has also repeatedly warned the British Indian Ocean Territory who are responsible for policing the .io top-level domain about Bitblender.



The whois records for Bitblender which used to show Japan’s Anonymousnesspeech as the registrant organization for Bitblender has been erased in recent weeks to show no registrant, a clear violation of ICANN rules which supposedly cannot happen if a top level domain is administered properly.  The .IO is the domain of choice not just for cryptocurrency and ICOs but also HYIPs, scams, and Ponzi schemes due to the lax rule of law by the British authorities.


Bitblender itself is a secretive operation, operating from the dark web with a single public presence at The Bitblender website provides instructions on how to access the dark web service and launder Bitcoins. According to the Trust’s lawyer, Dr. Jonathan Levy, the issue is quite simple: “Bitblender openly launders Bitcoins for criminals using the .io domain as its only public address. Bitblender concluded that since Indian Ocean Territory consists only of a secret US leased military base, they could operate with impunity. However, BIOT has a court system and we aim to achieve justice. This is the tip of the iceberg, the value of all the Bitcoins laundered by Bitblender since 2013 must be immense.”  Levy suggests the $32 million in Bithumb loot was already processed through Bitblender, causing a sudden drop in crypto currency prices.



The lawsuit is Crypto Currency Resolution Trust v. Bitcoin Blender OrganizationCLICK HERE

Source – Dr. Jonathan Levy

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