How to be successful online by realizing the Nine Inconvenient Truths about Internet Marketing

In this interesting video, Sam Oven cover what he calls the 9 Inconvenience Truths about online business marketing.


  1.  Marketing doesn’t work

  2.  It’s all about the product

  3.  Competition is for losers

  4.  Value > Fame

  5.  Focus > Diversification

  6.  Your business can’t scale

  7.  Systems and science

  8.  You need a “full-stack” brain

  9.  How to survive the culling








So why should we listen to Sam Ovens… has he been successful?


According to Forbes:

Sam Ovens quit his corporate job, dropped out of college and started his own consulting business from his parent’s garage in New Zealand. He started from $0 with no investors, debt or outside funding and grew his eponymous e-learning company to $10 million by the age of 26. His firm has offices in Dublin and New York City and makes over $100,000 per day by licensing training programs. Ovens has an estimated net worth of US$65 million.

Source Forbes



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