How to get more Website Visitors [ 3 Ways ] without paying for ads

If you are like most businesses, you are trying to get more visitors to your website and from there ultimately to convert those online visitors to customers.






Below are 3 website traffic tips that can help you to get more online visitors.


1. Create a Facebook Group and add value

Facebook Groups are all the rage and Facebook is a great place to start building a loyal customer following. In a group you can develop the culture of your business, it could be a place where your fans and customers get together and share stories. It is also the ideal place to communicate things about your business. Every time you go live or post, it’ll notify the group. Unlike Facebook Pages which only show to a selected audience.

This is a great place to share any type of link as long as it adds value. When you share with a community and culture that’s already been created, you can easily drive traffic to any page or offer you decide to, on demand. This is targeted traffic.

However, don’t use this opportunity to spam. Use it to provide relevant updates and add real value to the lives of others.

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2. Leverage Instagram’s hashtags and engage with influencers

Leveraging Instagram to drive traffic to your sales funnels is straightforward. Find relevant hashtags that match your niche and whatever you’re peddling. Search high and low. Then, post valuable content and use those hashtags.

Another way to use this opportunity to engage with influencers.. Find relevant influencers and, not only use the hashtags but tag influencers as well. Communicate with them and comment on their posts.  This might not yield an immediate response, but over time, they will notice you. And they might even promote you or talk about you. The secret here is to be consistent. If you add value to people they will add value to you.



3. Make “How to” Educational YouTube tutorial videos

YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine behind Google and if you are making educational videos on YouTube, you can drive near endless amounts of traffic while also building an audience.

Document how you can solve problems and help people and then use that as your video content.

So, the above points are our are 3 quick traffic tips, all you have to do now is to start by taking action today.


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