Why you should be advertising on Facebook

There is a simple answer to why you should be advertising on Facebook… Your audience is on Facebook!


There are more than 2 Billion people on Facebook and 1.55 Billion spend time on the platform each and every day. The average user spends more than 40 minutes per day on Facebook. Facebook serves 22 Billion ad clicks per year and the platform is growing. Your type of business does not matter, your audience is on Facebook. The question is, are you?



Facebook ads are affordable

Facebook offers one of the most affordable ways to reach your audience and even a small business can start using Facebook ads with a limited budget. You set and control your budget within the constraints of your business.


Facebook Ads work

Facebook ads are proven to work. People are on their mobile phones for the largest percentage of a day and Facebook ads are the most effective way to get audience attention. There are numerous success stories available proving that advertising on Facebook not only works but is becoming essential for business success.



You can target a specific audience

One of the reasons why Facebook ads work so effectively is because you can target a specific audience. Want to advertise to only the dentists in your town? No problem, Facebook has the data. We all know Facebook has been collecting user data for years and the access you have to search that data as an advertiser makes Facebook a very powerful tool in the hands of a skilled marketer.


You can retarget your audience

Retargeting an audience is the “holy grail” for a marketer. Once a customer visits your advertisement, Facebook places a small pixel on his/her web browser, enabling you as the marketer to retarget the visitor with more advertising. Research shows that most people only buy on the 5th interaction with a business or brand. Retargeting enables the marketer to build a level of trust with the consumer.


Your competition will be on Facebook soon

If your competition is not on Facebook yet, they will be soon. Conversely, if you are the first mover you can create a tremendous competitive advantage.



You need to start building your Facebook audience today!

How would you like to DOMINATE your market?





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