How IoT Is Turning Education Sector Upside Down


Relationship between IoT and Education sector


The Internet is widely known for connecting people worldwide but, it has never been considered a very famous source of education. With changing of ideas and development of society, the internet is being realized as an important source of not only communication and entertainment but also education, healthcare and customer services. Due to which the education sector is adapting IoT at a higher pace.  



IoT (Internet of things) is rapidly increasing its potential in many industries. Education, being the priority for more than 80% of the population, is experimenting with IoT. It has been observed that IoT has revolutionary powers while working in all the sectors. Technology patterns in IoT are being experimented in the education sector. Advancements in technology not only provide education through smartphones, tablets and laptops but the concept is widely spreading to almost all the devices a human being could possibly think of.


IoT is surprisingly taking the place of traditional methods of technology. In fact, methods used in IoT are being proved more efficient and convenient. IoT is not only changing the methods of education but also it is helping people in developing their persona by getting surrounded by economically, socially and technically evolved environment.


IoT makes a world a smaller place and hence, it makes paves a way for everybody communicating under one roof. To be precise, through the internet, collaboration and sharing ideas among staff members, students and other institutions have become easy.


Evolution of IoT in education sector




Numbers of schools that are developing smart classes in their institutions are increasing day by day. Many government schools are planning on for the same which is increasingly making the students enthusiastic for a newer form of education. IoT makes it easy for the teachers to help their students in education through video conference and sending them noted in document, powerpoint or pdf forms.


With the adaptation of the internet at such a higher pace, it has been predicted that IoT might overrule the education system as we are surrounded by devices that need the internet to operate. IoT makes a student to reach the walls of education and doesn’t keep them restricted to the walls of traditional learning methods.




IoT once was only a source of entertainment; the evolution of IoT has opened options for online courses. These courses enable students to learn from people countries apart. Learning through the internet is not only time saving but also it is cost-efficient.


Every student enjoys learning through digital media which paved a way for the teachers to make their classes interactive, interesting and no longer limited to the handwritten notes.


IoT is not only helpful to the student but it also makes the task of data analysis of students easier than ever before.



IoT Solutions that turn education sector upside down



Communication Network


Whenever we talk about improving our information on a certain topic or if we are asked to deeply discuss a topic, we roll our eyes directly towards the internet. It is also feasible and convenient as sitting at the comfort of our house we can connect with our teachers and other mentors.   Even, students and teachers can build a great communication network via educational forums and other sources on internet. Digital learning becomes easy, convenient and interesting – all thanks to communication network.


New Generation of Textbooks

Internet helps students and learners to reach other students through smartphones and other digital media which in turn helps in an interactive way of studying. With the new generation digital textbooks and eBooks, students are provided with supplementary links for additional information which helps in further acquisition of better knowledge on the topic.

Data Collection

Checking all the work sitting on a desk and managing them afterward is a complete hectic task. These were the methods used by our teachers before. IoT has made data analyzing a much easier and a convenient task as now the assignments can be mailed.

Advanced Security

As internet can be accessed anywhere, anytime, it makes a room for people to study without actually visiting the institutions. Also it makes all the data to be secured at one place without the disturbance of a third party.

Advanced School Management:

Definition of the Internet of Things can be summarised as- It connects the educators and learners worldwide. IoT has made the work of management easy as all the records are kept in an organised and systematic manner.  Automated tracking of attendance tracking, a roll call is included in this field as well. However, another important requirement of taking inventory count of items like desks, computers, whiteboards, etc.can also be well managed at advanced levels by educational institutes.


Signing off

Not only the education sector is benefitting by IoT but also there are many industries that involve IoT in its day to day working. With almost every human having an availability of mobile phones/smart phones and internet, it is important that we realize that we are blessed with a superpower if we use it wisely. There are astoundingly shocking and eye opener facts and information for us to study through IoT. Even when we talk about education, we should know that sky is limit and there is no such thing like too much knowledge.  


Foreseeing the future, the education sector will be fully transformed in the coming future and is going to open an enormous amount of opportunities for not only the learners but also the educators. If you can predict upcoming trends or transformation that Iot might bring to the market and the world, your thoughts are welcome.



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