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“Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you. not you.”
Jim Rohn





Yes, you should chill your red wine

Some wine lovers have always believed that red wine should be chilled and this has now been confirmed by Tim James.


10 Top Places To Visit In Europe

Longing to explore the amazing places to visit in Europe, but don’t know where to start? Undecided where to go in Europe? There are so many remarkable places to visit… decide here!


South African Uber Driver on the Road to Opera Fame

A South African Uber driver who loves belting out arias at full volume for his passengers has found fame and a career in opera, thanks to a viral video of a performance in his cab.  LISTEN NOW!