10 Top Places To Visit In Europe

Longing to explore the amazing places to visit in Europe, but don’t know where to start? Undecided where to go in Europe?

From Germany and Greece to France and England, there are so many remarkable places to visit in Europe, famed for its dazzling architecture, vibrant nightlife, and world-class museums.  With so many options available, choosing the right place to spend your European getaway can be quite difficult. We’ve listed down the top places to visit in Europe.




Budapest, Hungary

Home to some of the world’s finest Art Nouveau architecture, Budapest is truly one of the most scenic places to visit in Europe. Explore the spa culture of the Hungarian capital with its historic thermal baths built during the 1700s and 1800s. For foodies, make sure to swing by the elaborate New York Kavehaz for pasty and coffee. When nighttime comes, take walk at the Szechenyi Chain Bridge over the Danube River for awe-inspiring views. And, before calling it a night, head to the 3-level Central Market, and indulge in a bowl of tasty traditional gulyas.

Szechenyi Chain Bridge, Budapest


Nuremberg, Germany

There’s no shortage of photogenic cities in Germany, but Nuremberg definitely stands out for its perfectly distinct blend of new and old. An early capital of invention, the Holy Roman Empire’s former unofficial capital is today best known for its museums, bratwurst, and Chriskindlesmarkt.

Old Hospital Building from the Middle Ages in Nuremberg


Crete, Greece

Crete – the birthplace of modern European civilization – is an absolute Mediterranean jewel. Rich with mythological and archaeological history, Crete offers a Greece with its cultural attractions and ancient ruins, such as the monasteries and fortresses of Rethimno as well as Minoan ruins.

A Tavern in Crete overlooking the Mediterranean



Paris, France

With its world-class museums, iconic landmarks and blooming gardens, Paris is truly a city for everyone’s Europe travel bucket list. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, you’ll have a swell time exploring one of the most glamorous and fashionable places to visit in Europe.

Paris, under the watchful eye of a Gargoyle on an Architectural building


London, United Kingdom

With its skyrocketing hotel prices, London is, sadly, a city that can make budget-conscious travelers and backpackers cringe. Still, it’s a bucket-list worthy destination that’s worth every dollar or pounds you spend. Often voted as one of the most popular places to visit in Europe, London is loaded with sights that will fill your travel bucket list, including the Tower of London, British Museum, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and London Eye.

Tower Bridge, London


Prague, Czech Republic

A visit to Prague may feel like stepping into a fairy tale or fantasy movie, thanks to its impressive gothic architecture. As you visit Prague, you’ll get to explore the statue-lined bridges, daunting hilltop castle, narrow streets and storied churches that create the scene of a mesmerizing urban fairy tale. Trust me, even the most jaded tourist or traveler would have a hard time resisting the city’s charms. As an added bonus, Prague is surprisingly more affordable, as compared to the other captivating places to visit in Europe.

Prague Castle on a Winter’s Night



Rome, Italy

Rome has been, for decades, a driving force to Italy’s tourism, and one of the most sought-after places to visit in Europe. Drenched in history and culture, the “Eternal City” offers a magnificent collection of historic treasures, including the breathtaking Trevi Fountain, Saint Peter’s Basilica and The Colosseum. Praised for its cuisine, the city also boasts fresh and heavenly dishes with aromas wafting through the historic sites and alleys at each turn.

Vatican City in Rome


 Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal has long been one of the most underrated places to visit in Europe. But lately, it seems Europe’s best-kept secret is finally making its way to the global limelight. In the next few years, this Portuguese hub will welcome a wave of high-rises, dozens of landscaped and restored public squares as well as a major technology, architecture and art museum. Furthermore, the city will be opening a new and grand cruise terminal as well as heaps of additional cultural spaces and shops.

Belém Tower, Lisbon


Lucerne, Switzerland

With its colorful Old Town, turreted buildings and covered bridges, Lucerne feels like a page from a Swiss storybook. Nestled on Lake Lucerne’s shores, this picturesque hub is also a well-known base for the Swiss Alps, which are pretty visible from this charming town. For a memorable trip in Lucerne, walk the beloved Kappelbrucke – Europe’s oldest covered bridge. Then, enjoy a delightful and healthy serving of home-brewed beer at Rathaus Brauerei. And, don’t forget to treat your palate to a wide array of traditional Lucerne culinary specialties like rosti and veal with cream sauce.

Lake Lucerne in Switzerland


Dubrovnik, Croatia

It’s hard not to fall head over heels in love with Dubrovnik, Croatia.  The noteworthy sights alone, like the majestic Baroque buildings, ancient city walls, and views of the Adriatic Sea, will leave you speechless and have you dazzled. Here, you may wander around the historic Old City, unwind on a beach, immerse into the laid-back Mediterranean life,  or take an island excursion.

The old city of Dubrovnik, Croatia on the Adriatic Sea


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