A day in the life, the Bitcoin Lifestyle…

Good Morning from the heart of Cryptovalley…


People often ask me what it is like to live here in Zug and what the Bitcoin lifestyle is like.. So I decided to take you on a tour of a typical day.


lifestyle 2The most important thing is to start the day right and for that, I can recommend the best cappuccino that I have ever had. It is at a place called, Bob’s Food store here in the Zug, Old Town. Bob is a perfectionist and I cannot give a higher recommendation to anyone. If you ever come to Zug, you need to get this experience.


I have tried to pin Bob down for a video interview but sure I will have some success shortly


Coffee is a good start but we also need a good breakfast to start the day. There are many nice breakfast spots in the Old Town and next to the lake but I need to get to Zurich this morning, so I am going to grab a quick “mandel gipfel” from my favourite bakery…



Ok – with breakfast out the way, I need to get to the station. Today I am going into Zurich and the train ride from Zug to Zurich is 27 mins on the fast train.

lifestyle 9

Before I go though I need to drop a package at the Post Office. There is a new company in Berlin, Bitwala, that you can use to make all your European and UK invoice payments with Bitcoin. The stop at the post office is to send them some documents.


So here we are, a nice view from the Zurich train station…


lifestyle 6

I must say, Zurich is a great place… Nothing like a stroll down the riverside before you get to work.

lifestyle 5


Ok, so we need to get some work done, today.

So here is what is on the Agenda:

Embed the latest recording of Women in Bitcoin into the Bit-Media Blog.

It is aptly called: “Save for a sunny day”

Women in Bitcoin is a very important show to us here at Bit-Media because we are very passionate about empowering women and also the opportunities that Bitcoin provides for women to empower themselves.


Shoot the Bitcoin News Review

The Bitcoin News Review is our premium show here at Bit-Media and it our mission to educate as many people as we can on Bitcoin as we believe this is one of the most important technologies ever invented.


Great – this is done… I need to go out quickly and grab a little gift to take home…

lifestlyle 12

Chocolate always works, doesn’t it?

I have a day on the road today…  Next on my agenda is to attend a luncheon hosted by a local private bank with the Bitcoin blockchain and blockchain technology the main item of discussion.

So let me get there, it’s time…



lifestyle 10


It is very exciting to see how all the big finance institutions and banks are getting involved with Bitcoin and it is great to to learn about Bitcoin while the bank pays for lunch!

liefstyle 13





WOW – I am so fired up about Bitcoin after hearing all of that, it is an eye-opener to see how much money bank and investment funds are spending on getting into  Bitcoin.

This lunch was long and I spent a lot of time chatting to people in the industry and I just again realized what an advantage it is to be here right in the heart of Cryptovalley.


I need to catch the train back to home base…

lifestyle 1

On the train I managed to make a view posts on social media and to get the word out about Bitcoin. Social media is very important avenue for us to get out message out and also a very productive way for me to share news and updates while I am on the go.

Do make sure you connect with us on  Facebook, our social media nerve center,

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And back in Zug and just in time for one of the famous sunsets…

lifestyle 4

The chocolates were a great idea and for rounding off the day! Dinner at my favourite restaurant in Luzern..

lifestyle 7







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