I Am A Genius And I Apply My Wisdom

In today’s blog I want to introduce you to an affirmation/adage that I say on a daily basis. At first you think “yeah right, genius. That’s a laugh I didn’t even have good enough marks to get to college or university!” But the truth is, we are geniuses in our own right.

So let me try and explain;

This affirmation/adage came from Dr John Demartini you may know him as successful and well known and renowned speak and teacher. But his background and where he actually came from will then show why this is a powerful way to change your life as you know it now.

At 7 John’s grade teacher told his parents, in front of him, that he had a learning disability and that he would never be able to read, write and communicate. He would never amount to anything or go very far in life.

At 14 he quit school and left home and headed for California and Hawaii deciding to rather have a life of surfing.

After nearly dying he met a man named Paul Bragg and here are John’s words “He changed my life and did so by drawing out of me a profound and inspiring vision. Bragg taught me that when you can see it, you can be it. He gave me an adage to say to myself each day: ‘I am a genius and I apply my wisdom’. “He said if you constantly repeat this to yourself, your body will eventually tingle with it and so will the world. I have not missed a day since.”

Still unable to read or write, John made the decision to dedicate his life to the study of universal laws as they relate to health and human consciousness with the intention to awaken human fulfilment and potential. He decided then and there that he was going to be a teacher, healer and a philosopher.
(excerpt from an article in Spice4Life.co.za)

You can look John up on the internet and see for yourself the amazing achievements this man has made. He truly is a gift to this planet.
But it wasn’t always like that. When we look at our lives now, they may not be what we would like, we may have all sorts of obstacles to overcome, but it is possible.

“I am a Genius and I apply my Wisdom”

Don’t limit yourself to thinking of a genius as a person with intellectual capabilities. Actually it is just someone who excels in a particular area.
It could be that you excel as an artist, or really creative with your hands, you could just know how to encourage someone. I would like to evoke my genius with regard business and crushing poverty.

All you need do is become a master of any field that you are passionate about. Remember you are unique and the world really needs you and what you have to offer as YOU, not anyone else, just YOU.

But remember there needs to be action. Most importantly it is essential that you apply your wisdom. Because remember knowledge is not power it is potential power. Applied knowledge is power. So when you have a thought and it is in line with what you are passionate about, go with it, test and try it out. Soon you will discover your genius and the world will be a better place because of you.

So how about taking on this adage, use it daily and as Bragg told John, till you tingle and the world tingles with it.

Mervanwe Smith signing off till next time you awesome genius ….

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