Inside the mind of a Master Procrastinator

What a killer procrastination is… it is debilitating and stops you from taking actions which could change your life and stop you from living the life you were intended to live!  Long term procrastination causes unhappiness and regrets.

We know what we must do but we simply keep putting it off.  We all suffer from procrastination but some more than others.  Two kinds of procrastination we find ourselves in either have deadlines or not.  Deadlines are short term and are contained, yet non deadline impacts us forever and makes us a “spectator in our own life”.
An example of a non deadline procrastination for some people is Bitcoin…
Some of us are procrastinating about getting involved with Bitcoin and because there is no deadline, we feel there is no rush to take action. Not getting involved with Bitcoin could have you kicking yourself for losing out on an opportunity to grow your wealth substantially.  It is time to stop procrastinating and start!
Are you a serial procrastinator or an action taker?
Are you involved in Bitcoin yet?
Watch this thought provoking and entertaining video on “Inside the mind of a Master Procrastinator”

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