What is BitMedia – An Introduction

BitMedia is a media company covering human life bit by bit. We cover the bits of lives which are most important to us, those being Health, Wealth, Relationships, Personal Development and Lifestyle.


As humans, we are always searching for more experience, a better way of life and the meaning of it all. At Bit-Media we strive to cover these topics as broadly as possible.


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Our health is probably the most important aspect of our lives, once we fall ill then really nothing matters more to us than getting better. We cover interesting subjects on health issues, eating habits and general well being.


Money cannot buy happiness but the lack of money can certainly lead to misery. In this area we will explore topics such as current events influencing the economy, ways for us to make money or improve or finances and new developments in the area of wealth creation and preservation


Our most important relationship is with ourselves, then with our family, loved ones, friends and ultimately with broader society. This is a fascinating subject and Bit-Media will strive to find the best stories in this area.

Personal Development:

Our search for meaning, ways to improve ourselves as people and the exploration of our spirituality never ends.


We do so love to live! We will explore our lifestyle choices from the places we travel too, the restaurants we visit, the clothes we wear, the entertainment we seek to the wine we drink and much more are explored by BitMedia.


We share stories in all these areas that educate, inspire and entertain.

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