Yes, you should chill your red wine

Some wine lovers have always believed that red wine should be chilled and this has now been confirmed by Tim James.


According to James, cooling is especially important for the lighter reds, which don’t have a big tannic structure, and also tend to have more aromatic presence. If around 17 – 20 C is ideal for most standard reds, the freshness of lighter wines could benefit from being a few degrees cooler.


James further states that the freshness and lightness of especially lighter red wines should be enhanced by a degree of chilling. On the whole, we tend to drink all our reds too warm, not just these lighter ones: really, if a red is not stored in a nice cool cellar, it needs an hour or so in the fridge before serving, or it can be rather thin, and unbalanced by evaporating alcohol.


You don’t, though, want especially a full-bodied red to get too cold, as the aromas can become muted and tannins can get dourly emphasised. But if you miscalculate temperature, it’s much easier to warm up a glassful of wine than it is to cool it down.


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