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Keep up to date with the Digital Economy news and reviews – Bitcoin and the blockchain will change our world forever!

Consumer, Investor and Institutional adoption of Bitcoin continually increases as the Bitcoin price and value trends upwards. Our world is changing – there is much uncertainty and instability in the markets.  We are facing Geo Political influences such as:-

  • Weakening of the Chinese Economy and devaluation of the Yuan – new capital flight laws flagging $5 million investments, down from $50 million

  • The Brexit Fallout – GBP at all time low – Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit?  Supreme court ruling in January 2017

  • Europe – EU Banks needing bailout – Italy PM resigning – Austria voting for the establishment – other European elections in 2017

  • The new US President Donald J Trump administration – ruffling feathers

  • South Africa just escaping Junk status narrowly – Financial and political instability

  • Demonetization of Indian currency… and others following suit such as Australia, Belgium, Ecuador, Kenya, Singapore, South Korea and Sweden… which country is next?

  • Venezuela currency inflation – losing 45% value in one month – as well as other countries facing hyperinflation – Zimbabwe continues to struggle after hyperinflation

As a Bitcoin Believer, it is important to keep abreast of current news!

Blockchain technology is gaining traction across various industries such as Real Estate, Shipping, Media, Music, Film, Contracting, Trading, Government Services, Smart Cities, Tourism, Banking, Voting, Social Media, The Internet of Things, Registrations… to name but a few.


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