7 Trends and Dangers of the Connected Car of the Future

What happens when AI [Artificial Intelligence], driverless cars and the connection to the internet meet?


Radical transformation…



Let’s look at that future:

An entirely autonomous car transports a person to their destination without any need for a  or attention to the road.

Inside the vehicle is all the entertainment, information, and communication.

Every aspect of personal comfort is taken into consideration, from the temperature of the interior to the tinting of the windows to prevent glare or even the personalized adjustment of ambient lighting to create the perfect mood to go with the music playing through the satellite radio station.



Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) technology allow the car to communicate with other cars and the infrastructure like traffic lights.


The speed of the vehicle speed and the distance to other vehicles can be adjusted immediately in response to conditions on the road making this a safe and pleasant journey.


A driver uses voice recognition to communicate with a virtual personal assistant to schedule meetings and send text messages without taking their hands off the wheel while the vehicle’s navigation system guides the car through traffic.


Everything a person needs is at their command.


A nice vision. But how close is it?



Here is a short summary of 7 technologies that will make this possible.


1. Driverless Cars

A driverless car is a vehicle that can drive itself with no human intervention required, at least under some circumstances. The companies racing to develop the first driverless car include major automakers and technology companies. Although this would be a game changer there is still a significant roadblock to acceptance by the public.



2. AI Interfaces

Automakers are expected to introduce models with AI interfaces as early as 2019 or 2020.

With the increasing use of sensors and other technologies that collect data, AI will be key to making sense of everything. Some automobiles already use AI for Level 3 autonomous driving, but for the industry to reach Level 5, major enhancements need to be made to the car as well as the infrastructure.

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With all these developments the ever-present danger of cyber attacks and hacking lurks.

As we saw recently with the “Tesla Cloud Hack”, where hackers hacked into the Tesla cloud and started mining Bitcoin with their computers.


Imagine hackers getting hold of your Tesla driverless car.


Full story: –  Tesla Cloud hacked by Bitcoin Miners 



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