A wrap up of the best of blockchain 2016

The Blockchain was in the news every week in 2016 – somewhere, something was brewing and being developed around blockchain technology.  

2016 was the year of Blockchain hype as consortium memberships grew and encouraged collaboration between countries and companies globally.

Will all this hype regarding building private blockchains die down in 2017 as stakeholders adjust their focus to innovating using the Bitcoin blockchain?

What we saw in 2016 with blockchain development is similar to what organisations did after the birth of the Internet by introducing their own private “Intranets”. There is still a place for organisational Intranets as range of information and services from the organization’s internal IT systems are available that would not normally be available from the Internet as well as their internal communication and collaboration.

There will most probably be organisations or industry specific private blockchains developed over time however, the Bitcoin Blockchain has proven success – Bitcoin.

Coindesk compiled a review of all their best articles during 2016 – enjoy the catch up!

If you are new to blockchain, here is a short explainer video “What is the Blockchain?”


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