Adopting a “CryptoKitty” Is a Purrfect Way to Start Using Cryptocurrency

NASHVILLE, Tenn.Dec. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/  It’s like an animal shelter for the Internet. Adopt-A-CryptoKitty is a site started by 11-year old Evan Messer to adopt “bitcoin cats” that live in the Ethereum cryptocurrency network.


As the cryptocurrency wars heat up across the globe, words like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and blockchain are starting to enter the mainstream psyche. And now a new word is popping up: CryptoKitties.


CryptoKitties are digital assets built in a cryptocurrency called Ethereum, and the company behind them has already created over 260,000 kitties and sold over $15 million dollars worth. They have become a trading sensation in the crypto world, and these kitties are “mated” or “born” every few minutes.  Some of the cats have traded for over $100,000.



While some kitties are a hot item (who doesn’t love cats?), others are being abandoned in favor of “purebreds” and kitties with specific physical characters. And thus, Messer’s mission – Adopt-A-CryptoKitty was born.


“We’re buying abandoned CryptoKitties that nobody wants, and we’re trying to make people want them, as well as be able to adopt them,” said Messer.


To adopt a kitty, one can visit the website,, and pay the “adoption fee” for a new furry friend. There is no limit on how many can be adopted.


Unlike other CryptoKitties, you can buy them on the website in United States dollars – a great way to dip one’s toes into the world of cryptocurrency, while also helping a “good cause.”

“It’s important because these are abandoned kitties that aren’t being wanted at all, and all CryptoKitties are the same. It’s like the Founding Fathers said, ‘All men are created equal’ – the same with CryptoKitties too,” said Messer.



Eight kitties have been adopted from the site so far.

“It makes me feel good and happy…who wouldn’t feel happy when they’ve saved something? We’re saving these CryptoKitties, which makes me feel good, because I know I’ve been helping. Even though they’re not literally living, it still makes me feel good to know I can help something,” said Messer.

What started as an assignment for his 4th grade small business class has turned into a larger ongoing project for Messer.

Messer is now currently working alongside his father to develop an application where individuals can interact with their kitties in a Tamogatchi-esque game.

Sounds purrfect.

Stephanie Tipple

SOURCE Adopt-A-Cryptokitty



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