AI ripe for Exploitation by Hackers

The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence report warns that AI is ripe for exploitation by rogue states, criminals and terrorists and experts warned that Drones could be turned into missiles and automated hacking might be big threats.



The report outlined some of the scenarios where AI could turn “rogue” in the near future:

  • Technologies such as AlphaGo – an AI developed by Google’s DeepMind and able to outwit human Go players – could be used by hackers to find patterns in data and new exploits in code
  • A malicious individual could buy a drone and train it with facial recognition software to target a certain individual
  • Bots could be automated or “fake” lifelike videos for political manipulation
  • Hackers could use speech synthesis to impersonate targets





Miles Brundage, research fellow at Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, said: “AI will alter the landscape of risk for citizens, organisations, and states – whether it’s criminals training machines to hack or ‘phish’ at human levels of performance or privacy-eliminating surveillance, profiling, and repression – the full range of impacts on security is vast.



The 100-page report identified three areas – digital, physical and political – in which the malicious use of AI is most likely to be exploited.

Full report: –



This report reinforces the risks associated with any devices [IoT] linked to the internet and the “smarter” these devices are the higher these risks become.


All your devices can be hacked

In his interesting Ted talk, computer science professor, Avi Rubin takes us on a journey of hacking that will astound you.


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