Artificial Intelligence is coming to Take our Jobs

Are the robots coming to take our jobs?  Well certainly, this is not the opinion of Pizza Hut and Toyota who unveiled their plans for fully-autonomous delivery vehicles to deliver pizza.  You could get your pizza delivered to your door without a human driver.


e-Palette, was further detailed in a press release by Pizza Hut.  


The question remains, how can Artificial Intelligence create more jobs?  Pizza Hut believe that while delivery jobs would be affected, this would open up the opportunity to improve hospitality and service to customers.  



While we wait for our first Stuffed Crust pizza to be delivered autonomously, Pizza Hut and Toyota are working together to improve its existing driver and delivery ecosystem.


Recently, Domino’s overtook Pizza Hut in the leading global sales for pizza – the CEO of Domino’s citing focus in digital and delivery – 60 Percent of Sales Are Digital


Did you know that the first items purchased with Bitcoin was for two Pizzas… at 10,000 Bitcoins!  Full story here


Now, just one Bitcoin can buy the pizza as well as the delivery scooter!



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