AT&T, IoT, And Smart Farming

In an interview with Forbes John Schulz, the director of AT&T’s Sustainability Integration effort it became clear how innovative sensor technology companies using the remote connectivity resources of a company like AT&T can overcome practical farming challenges.



Precision King makes water sensing devices and controllers for valves and pump, these are IoT  [ Internet of Things ] devices connecting with AT&T broadband. The farmer can remotely manage pumps or have the system programmed to automatically start at certain critical levels.


This is a perfect symbiosis as on the farmer’s side, it is about the possibility of a profitable way to achieve positive environmental outcomes and to reduce the carbon footprint of farming.



For AT&T it fits with their corporate “IoT for Good” goals which include a  commitment to their various customers to enable carbon savings 10x the footprint of its operations by 2025.


Full story: – The Internet of Things (IoT) and Sustainable Farming


As always with these stories, we need to look at the issue of security and how this data and remote communication with the devices will be secured from cyber attacks or hacking.


This Article explains how Agriculture can be “Smarter” and more secure.



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