Australian government takes Cybersecurity seriously with ‘world-leading’ approach

Cybercrime is a daily event and becoming more serious thus making it vital for governements, businesses and individuals to improve their cybersecurity. The Australian Minister for Law Enforcement and Cyber Security Angus Taylor told ZDNet that Australia has the global lead and thus an opportunity to create a local industry that will thrive.  


Angus Taylor said the approach to Cybersecurity must be a mix of centralised and devolved as reported by ZDNet – “I wouldn’t say it’s purely devolved, that wouldn’t work. We have a minister for cybersecurity and we have a cybersecurity area inside Home Affairs. It’s so we can have a mix of the centralised approach with the decentralised execution. To me, it’s getting the mix right and the balance right between what we do centrally and what we do at the coalface.”  Read further here.


The Australian government is tackling cybersecurity with their “world-leading” approach, but what exactly is the Current State of Global Cybercrime?  Read further here.



As the Internet of Things is gaining traction and Gartner predict that more than 80 billion devices will be connected to the internet, how can we control an “Army of Connected Machines”?  Is IoT and the blockchain a “match made in heaven”?


The sudden influx of smart devices poses new problems related to security and reliability, especially for items previously networkless. If, for instance, every household appliance relies on a connection to the internet, it would take no more than an ordinary hack to render most of them useless. Read further here


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