Beware Telegram ICO Scam

Riding on the back of several reports about messaging app Telegram’s multibillion-dollar initial coin offering (ICO), scammers are trying to con investor.



The website, hosted by the “Telegram Foundation,” is seeking funds for what it calls the “public ICO” for the Telegram TON token. Unfortunately, this website seems to be false an on Thursday, CoinDesk reported a fraudulent email attributed to Telegram, and also located a Twitter account with the username “Telegram ICO (TON)” and the handle, @ico_ton.


A screenshot of the email shows an effort to pitch the Telegram Open Network public token sale, which it states is accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum as payment methods.



“Our efforts in creating a better blockchain cannot take effect unless we get the support of as many participants as possible. In return for your contribution, we will continue developing this blockchain even further.


Moral of the story? – Buyer Beware…


Full story:


There has been several of these scams lately and a lot of them involved Twitter.


Even Elon Musk was targeted recently

Read more: – Elon Musk Fake Twitter


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