Bit-Media Embraces Steemit

Bit-Media, a provider of Bitcoin, Crypto and Fintech news announced today that it will embrace decentralised blogging platform Steemit.


Steemit had become a popular site for bloggers as it has a reward program for content creators and curators.


Recently, crypto influencers like the Dollar Vigilante joined steemit giving the platform a boost.


Bit-Media announced that they will post all blog content and news on their steemit site and will also promote these on the Bit-Media Twitter, Facebook and other social media.


Bit-Media currently has more than 70,000 followers on Facebook and 5,300 subscribers on YouTube.


Crypto Enthusiasts can also download the free Bit-Media App from the Google Play or Apple stores and now you can follow Bit-Media on Steemit as well.


Download the FREE BIT-MEDIA APP below!

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