Incredible growth in value – Bitcoin up 195% and Ethereum 775% in just one year!

Just one year ago, Bitcoin prices were in the $400’s and now reaching levels of over $1300.  A remarkable growth achievement for the Internet of Money, Bitcoin introduced just over 8 years ago.

Flash back to a year ago…


Bitcoin Price Ends Turbulent Week as Bull Run Fades – While bitcoin’s rally produced some quick gains, it lasted only a short while before the digital currency changed direction and started declining.  One factor was that trading volume during the run-up was “lackluster”, Arthur Hayes, co-founder and CEO of BitMEX, told CoinDesk. Hayes added that “volumes should have grown more as we kept rising, and they didn’t.”  “Without more pressure to sustain the rally, it corrected,” he said.


This was reported on the status of Ethereum “While bitcoin pushed higher, prices for ether, the native token on the Ethereum blockchain, declined, falling to 0.019 BTC (roughly $8) by the time bitcoin hit $470.16.”   Ethereum is performing exceptionally well as adoption continues reaching highs of over $70.


Will Ethereum reach $1000 and push to the same levels as Bitcoin?   We have seen growth from $8 to over $70 in the space of one year.

Keep your eyes on this cryptocurrency – we have just witnessed a 775% growth in value!





Top Ten drivers of the Bitcoin Price

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