Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Unbanked in Africa with Lorien Gamaroff

We welcome Lorien Gamaroff, Entrepreneur and CEO of Bankymoon, as our guest today!  We could call Lorien a Bitcoin Veteran as he has been involved with Bitcoin since 2010.  His company Bankymoon offers Blockchain Powered Solutions and Services, leveraging Blockchain-based infrastructure to create and streamline existing processes.

Lorien was recently in Zimbabwe and Mozambique spreading Bitcoin knowledge. The Blockchain Summer School was held in Harare and he gave a two day course in Bitcoin and Blockchain. People there are very receptive to Bitcoin as you can imagine and none are excited about the new bond notes.

Mozambique banks are failing and Lorien was invited to Maputo to kick off the development of a new Bitcoin exchange.

Lorien will be launching Bitcoin prepaid cards early next year so that people who do not have access to exchanges can purchase bitcoins with cash. This will be launched in Zimbabwe and Mozambique as well as South Africa.

There is also a merchant roll out program that he is embarking on. This is so that retailers can accept Bitcoin in Southern Africa.

The Bitcoin wallet is due to launch early next year. The wallet will allow people to purchase electricity, airtime and iTunes/Google Play vouchers directly from their wallet.

We look forward to follow up interviews on the progress of these initiatives!

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