Bitcoin, Coffee, Recycling and giving back!

Bitcoin today – Review of an exciting innovation called Nessie Press! We chat to Walter and Kay Magnus about their Kickstart programme.

Are you ready to make your coffee experience even more romantic than it is already?

And replenish the earth at the same time?

“If you’re like most people, you love your coffee first thing in the morning, to kick start your day and feel your normal, brilliant self again.

But what to do with that capsule?

Throwing it away means it will end up in a dump somewhere – but now you can extract the used coffee for your garden or your pot plants (it has great nutrient value for the soil) and save and recycle the aluminium capsules. Used Coffee is full of nitrogen, which is one of the things your garden or potted plants need.

Introducing the Nessie Press!

We created the Nessie Press, a handy kitchen tool that makes it easy to press out your coffee capsules to free the grounds that you can use in your garden. It’s simple, fast, and effective.

The Nessie Press helps people put back into the right environment, making everyone a responsible coffee drinker. Save time, money, and effort. Friendly for your wallet and friendly for the environment.

Here’s the goal: We need help getting the Nessie Press onto the market so that millions of people can start using it. That’s why we have launched this Kickstarter campaign, and that’s why we’re reaching out to you.”

Learn more about making a difference with Teddy HQ – Save a Teddy Save a Child

Here is the link for more information – CLICK HERE TO KICKSTART WEBSITE – alternatively, contact Walter directly


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