Bitcoin Fever Explodes across Japan

Since 1 April 2017 and the introduction of the new bitcoin law, Japan is moving full steam ahead with bitcoin adoption.  Shortly after the law was set in motion, Major Japanese retailers embraced bitcoin payments, namely Bic Camera and Recruit Lifestyle.


Recently, Peach Aviation, a popular Japanese Airline, announced they were to accept bitcoin as payment for flights.  In a statement by Shinichi Inoue, the founder and CEO of Peach “We want to encourage visitors from overseas, and the revitalization of Japan’s regions. This is a real first step in partnerships for Japan, and we are aiming for more company and service tie-ups.”


Bitpoint recently partnered with Peach Aviation to provide the bitcoin payment technology.  As reported by Bloomberg, Bitpoint also plan to roll out their services to “hundreds of thousands of Japanese retail outlets.”


Ever want to visit Japan?  Do you love Cherry trees?  Well, now you can donate bitcoin to take care of 2600 Cherry trees and visit!  Why not book your flight with Peach Aviation and pay with bitcoin?

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