Bitcoin Loving Liberland!

The Free Republic of Liberland – founded on 13th April 2015 complete with a new flag, a national anthem and a provisional government… plus a self-proclaimed President who is a Czech politician named Vít Jedlička, a libertarian who advocates liberty, freedom of control and will.  As stated by the Liberland President Vít Jedlička “Bitcoin is truly the base of our economy”

What is now Liberland, originally was no man’s land between Croatia and Serbia –  7 sq kilometers of no taxes and hence, no government services.  The infrastructure of Liberland is based on blockchain and used for contracts.

Liberland was discussed and defended in Croatian parliament and on the 20th February 2017, Liberlanders raised their flag over the sole building in Liberland, marking their permanent presence in the area after almost two years of the Croatian police preventing anyone from entering into the Liberland territory.  

There are plans to develop the land and an architectural competition was held in 2016 – click here to see the winners

You can register to become a citizen of Liberland… however, the waiting list is very long – over 400,000 applications long.

Check out Liberland’s Facebook page for more information on this Free Republic.

Listen to the Liberland Anthem below:-

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