Bitcoin News 1 December 2016

Bitcoin today… the Bitcoin price jumped almost $30 in a breakout from the consolidation we have seen over the past few days. What are your predictions for the price in the next week?

Other news headlines – The Japan Exchange Group (JPX) has formed a consortium between several companies within its umbrella to test a blockchain market infrastructure proof-of-concept; The US Internal Revenue Service can serve bitcoin and ether exchange startup Coinbase with a summons for information about its users, a federal judge ordered today; Indian business conglomerate Mahindra Group is working with IBM to develop blockchain-based supply chain applications; Hyperledger project has added six new organizations to its ranks, bringing the total number of members in the year-old blockchain project to more than 100; The trading volume coming out of China suggests a correlation with the price of Bitcoin and the price of ether (ETH) fell below $8 for the first time since April today, dropping to its lowest total in almost seven months. Ethereum has been attacked constantly in the past few months… will this make Ethereum stronger?


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