Bitcoin News 1 February 2017

Bitcoin today – the Bitcoin price jumped past $970 today, a leap of around $50. Have you predicted the price for this Friday yet… you could be the winner of 0,5 Bitcoin!

Other headlines today – The National Bank of Abu Dhabi has introduced real-time cross-border payments on a blockchain by integrating technology from industry firm Ripple; Bitcoin adoption in Japan; Federal Reserve Employee Mines Bitcoin Using the Fed’s Server; People in economies suffering from market volatility are turning to Bitcoin applications to help them maintain their standard of living; What is an ICO; Bitcoin Rises as Trump’s Actions Increases Uncertainty; Indonesia’s Bank Central Asia (BCA), the country’s largest private bank, has steamrolled its way into the Fintech space with an investment of 200 billion rupiah (approx. $15 million) in financial technology startups and companies; Legislators in New Hampshire have filed a new bill that aims to clarify rules around digital currencies and money transmitters; Poland’s oldest exchange Bitcurex has mysteriously “disappeared” with users losing access to capital and locking 2,300 bitcoins out of users’ hands and Bitcoin Price Will Reach $10,000, Might Take Another Year says Tim Draper.  BULLISH… Tim Draper is invested in many start ups so he may just have the inside edge!

2016 Data Breaches Account For Over 4 Billion Stolen Records – cybercrime a real threat and mainly targeting enterprises and businesses. Ensure you keep your Bitcoin safely offline.

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