Bitcoin News 1 September 2017 – Cryptocurrency Market Cap Heading for $200Billion

Bitcoin News today and the Bitcoin price has reached an all-time high of over $4800 – are we going to see a $5000 level soon?

At the time of publishing, the Cryptocurrency Market Cap was $174,052,229,992 comprising of 866 Currencies / 230 Assets and trading in 5411 Markets – source The Ethereum price has taken off in the past week as it nears $400 with Dash prices following suit.


Altcoins are contributing significantly to the rise in market cap as the graph below shows.




Other news headlines:-


Russia is making huge strides into the new digital economy as Russian state-owned bank VEB seal a partnership with Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum Foundation. This is a move toward the development and implementation of blockchain-based government applications. Russia is forging ahead as they set up the Russian Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (RABIK) as well as their focus on ICO’s.


Bitcoin Retirement Fund Provider Adds Ripple in IRA Product Update – BitcoinIRA, a company that allows users to create retirement funds based on cryptocurrencies, is adding new options to its portfolio. Ripple’s XRP token has been added and there are plans to add litecoin, ethereum classic and Bitcoin cash.


Crypto Currency mining boom – Chip maker AMD rolled out a new graphics card (GPU) earlier this week – and the product sold out in minutes. A growing interest in cryptocurrency is driving huge demand for graphics cards

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