Bitcoin News 10 August 2017 – Institutional Investors Cannot Ignore Cryptocurrency Market

Bitcoin News Today and the top story is that Goldman Sachs is informing it’s big money clients that it’s getting harder for institutional investors to ignore the cryptocurrency market. The total market cap for cryptocurrency has grown to more than $120 billion. Bitcoin has grown more than 200 percent this year and by $1000 in the past month.


Fidelity users can now track their Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investments alongside more traditional assets.The R&D and innovation unit of Fidelity Investments is partnering with Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange, to make the feature available to their customers.




Other news headlines:-


Ukraine is expected to install 150 Bitcoin ATMs in the country by the end of the year, with 30 expected to be in place by the end of August. Consumer Adoption does drive the Bitcoin price so this is a very positive move for the people of the Ukraine. Here are the Top Ten Drivers of the Bitcoin Price –


Peer to Peer Lending market in the UK rapidly growing – The data shows over £1.8 billion was lent in the first half of 2017 by the nine platforms that make up the OFF3R Index.



Over 25% of bank users and consumers in the UK could have their data exposed on the Dark Web – massive breach of privacy- Emma Mills, Chief Operating Officer of cybersecurity firm C6, said that financial and personal information of over 11 million consumers and bank users are currently being traded on the dark web. What security measures are the banks going to put in place to stop this happening?


Hack Attack! HBO announced that they had experienced a cyber attack July. The hacker, or hackers managed to steal just around 1.5 terabytes of data including the full written scripts to future Game of Thrones episodes. Other shows produced by HBO, such as Ballers and Room 104, have had entire episodes stolen and may be published online shortly.


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