Bitcoin News 10 February 2017

Bitcoin today – the price plunged below $1000 and now around $960, below and above.  Read a blow by blow account of what happened in China since the beginning of January 2017 here

Other headlines in the news – Bitcoin Startups Form Association After India’s Virtual Currency Warning; China Fears Spread Beyond Bitcoin As Crypto Markets Slide; Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF Offering Expands to $100 Million; Bitcoin Helps to Put Slovenia Fintech Scene on the Map; PHILIPPINES ‘LEGITIMIZES’ ITS BITCOIN INDUSTRY WITH FRIENDLY REGULATION; 4 Reasons New Cryptocurrencies Keep Getting Worse; UK Giant Seeks Patent for Invention Mitigating Blockchain Attacks; LinkedIn Killer? Bitcoin Upstart 21 Takes on Social With Email Play; Book Review: Reinventing Remittances with Bitcoin; Accenture Unveils Hardware Solution for Blockchain Private Keys.

You Can Now Bet Bitcoin on Whether the Winklevoss ETF Will Go Live – ETF could be approved on 11 March 2017. We will watch this space.


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