Bitcoin News 10 January 2017

Bitcoin today… Bitcoin prices are hovering around the $900 mark. Interesting to note that even though many people were shocked by the sudden drop in price at the end of last week, Bitcoin has grown by almost 30% in the last three months! Incredible growth. Trick is to stay focused on the long term upward trend and not get too emotional about a bit of volatility.

Recent tweets from two Angel Investors and Bitcoin Vetrans

Roger Ver on Bitcoin’s value growth – “Bitcoin’s price hasn’t crashed. It is up:
14% for the last month
36% for the last 1/2 year
133% for the last year
213% for the last 2 years”

Vinny Lingam on the growth phases of Bitcoin
“Phase 1 = Bitcoin (2008-2016) = Creating a Digital Commodity.
Phase 2 = Proving it as a Store of Value.
Phase 3 = Adopting it as a Currency.”

In the Bitcoin news – Georgian Minister of Justice and other government agencies are already planning on inserting real estate documents to its Blockchain network; India-based Axis Bank will soon begin leveraging distributed ledger tech; Indonesian authorities say they have evidence that Islamic State (IS) militants are using online money services such as PayPal and bitcoin to send money to domestic operatives; Kickstarter-backed Board Game Bitcoin Empire Ships; After announcing its move away from Bitcoin to focus on international fiat transfers, Circle received harsh criticism from cryptocurrency users, who accused the company of doing a U-turn on its USP; Interest in “Bitcoin” according to Google search data shows that the the world’s hedge fund capital tops all other places in the Tri-State area.

Here is a prediction for the next 20 years – Wyre CEO: Bitcoin To Replace Gold In 20 Years, Becoming New Reserve Currency, let’s diarise this.

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