Bitcoin News 11 April 2017

Bitcoin Today – the Bitcoin price is taking off! What can you expect with all this good news, growing interest and increasing adoption? Faith in Bitcoin remains despite the Block Size Debacle while Litecoin is aiming for a user activated soft fork which could be good news for Bitcoin’s scaling decision.


The price was over $1228 at time of recording… is the price going to push past the $1500 mark soon? Quite possible as Bitcoin is becoming very resilient. Total Market Cap of Digital Currencies Nears $30 Billion – fantastic result after just 8 years!



Other news headlines – Russia hope to recognize bitcoin  and other cryptocurrencies in 2018; Qatar’s Commercial Bank Unveils Blockchain Remittance Pilot; Exchange Bug Discovery Averts Ethereum Token Theft; Over-regulation of fintech firms hogs limelight at forum; Is 2017 the year of RegTech; UK Finance Watchdog: No Need to Rewrite Rules for DLT; Chinese exchange OKCoin released a statement today informing users about the updates on KYC/AML policies – its been almost 2 months since Chinese exchanges were suspended by the Peoples Bank of China.



Fidelity Joins IC3 Blockchain Research Initiative and Visa embraces blockchain. Coinsilium and Oraclize sign MoU to form Strategic Alliance.



Bitcoin Miners Consume A Reasonable Amount of Energy — And It’s All Worth It however, there are things to Consider When Starting a Bitcoin Mining Operation.



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