Bitcoin News 11 March 2017

Bitcoin today – the Bitcoin price fell off a cliff when the SEC denied the bid to have the first ETF listed on the stock exchange. The Winkelvoss Twins will live to fight another day while the market reacted sharply only to correct later and move up to the mid $1100’s. Expect a bit of volatility over the next while… maybe. Sometimes when you think the price will drop, it rises! Certainly not an exact science.

Bitcoin Headlines – Industry Speaks Out in Aftermath of Bitcoin ETF Rejection; Bither CEO: Bitclub is Performing Segwit-related Attack Against Network; DOES ABRA POSE A THREAT TO THE BITCOIN ATM INDUSTRY; Research Says Claims of Terrorism Financed With Bitcoin Are Exaggerated; BitPay has announced it is raising its minimum invoice amount from 4 cents to $1 as an “exponential” increase in miner fees takes its toll; New Hampshire’s Bitcoin MSB Exemption Clears First Vote; Ontario Securities Regulator Issues Warning About ICOs abd BIS endorse Distributed Ledger Technology for payments clearing and settlement.

PBOC Lists New Rules for Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges – now this is a very positive move towards more regulation. Well done China!

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