Bitcoin News 11 October 2017 – Dubai Delivers Blockchain Strategy to Implementation

Bitcoin News Today and Dubai is leading globally in taking a blockchain strategy set out in 2016 to implementation by 2021 – with over a million records have been populated on the platform. The Dubai Land Department (DLD) system records all real estate contracts which include lease registrations. The system links them with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, the telecommunications system as well as holds personal tenant information, Emirates Identity Cards and the validity of residency visas for ease of remote payments.


Another milestone achievement for Smart Dubai is an open data platform known as Dubai Pulse Data Platform as well as a Dubai Careers app for job seekers.


Visit the GiTex Technology Week in Dubai where the Smart City project is being showcased.





Other news headlines:


Japan’s biggest bitcoin exchange Coincheck has been receiving “hundreds of requests” from Chinese startups to list their tokens following China’s blanket ICO ban – Japan has created a regulated environment embracing Bitcoin and the digital economy which makes it easier for startups to flourish.


For those wanting another passport, Vanuatu is accepting Bitcoin for Citizenship – Bitcoin now a valid form of payment for participants in its citizenship-by-investment program.


Can blockchain technology protect identities? Cyber hacking attacks have risen drastically in the last while, with hackers targeting companies that hold very sensitive data such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, passwords etc, the latest being Equifax which affected millions of users.


Is it time for us to assume our data will be hacked?  Protecting our digital footprint is vital.


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