Bitcoin News 13 December 2016

Bitcoin today 13 December 2016 – the Bitcoin price is gaining momentum and testing $800 once again. Traded in high $770’s and above $780. Bitcoin is unstoppable, and is likely to hit the $800 mark by the end of the week – a prediction.

Bitcoin News headlines – A new blockchain consortium has been formed in South Korea, with both established finance firms and technology startups on its membership roster; Deloitte’s Netherlands branch is working with the city of Rotterdam to create a prototype for recording lease contracts on a blockchain; Discover Arnhem in the Netherlands, the friendliest Bitcoin City in the World;
Dublin-based FXCH, the Spot-FX clearing house harnessing Blockchain technology, is set to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign on the Seedrs platform; Smart contracts and blockchain platform Symbiont has recently hired the distinguished cryptographer Dr. Lisa Yin as its chief security officer and chief cryptographer.

Bitcoin is the safest and most valuable cryptocurrency in today’s market!

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